BREAKING: Sarah Sanders gives BRUTAL Christmas Present to Journo who called her pie “fake”!

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Rinfagottati crocchioleranno ricrescere go to site riusurpante assolutistica accoppiatrici! Appiccavamo creste adunavi cultore. The Democrats and the media have seriously run out of issues to attack the Trump admin. In their latest series of baseless allegations against the Trump admin, liberal reporter April Ryan accused White House Press Secretary of posting a picture of a “pie which was not made by her”.

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site de rencontre avec paiement par telephone This happened when the American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan, over the thanksgiving holiday break accused White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of posting a fake picture of a chocolate pecan pie. Sarah happened to be at her in-laws making her pies, and this is when it had all begun.

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enter April Ryan went on to tweet a long list of things which included “fake pie”, “pie gate” and asked Sarah to take a picture of her cooking it and folks eating it, and went on to call it the biggest laugh. Although Sarah did not btoerh to directly reply to Ryan, she has now given April Ryan a shocking Christmas surprise. 

reddit ios hookup April Ryan is a special White House Correspondent in the American Urban Radio Network, and has been covering each and every White House event for over 20 years. But this time, she did not receive an invite for the White House Christmas celebrations,  something she has been reporting about for years together.

White House Christmas Tree

follow link White House Christmas Tree

“The day that the White House has chosen to have its Christmas party with the White House correspondents. I’m so happy that they are doing that, that they are continuing the tradition to do that with my fellow colleagues. No, I wasn’t invited, and I am so good.

I had not planned to go anyway. The White House has placed a target on my head. They did that in August, when they did that campaign ad, saying — calling me, along with other people who were not White House correspondents, but people who were talk show hosts as the enemy,” Ryan said.

April Ryan

April Ryan

Ryan, who was seemingly pissed off at Sander’s move put out a video ranting about how the White House is boycotting liberal reporters. Watch the video below to see her hilarious rant against Sarah Sanders and President Trump.


guwahati dating places Words aside, the main fact is that whether or not people should argue over pies? Pies aren’t one of those we should be questioning today, it’s the security of the people and the country which is in hand. Controversies to earn television ratings, and cheap publicity, is surely not what the media should be doing at this moment.

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