During Raksha Bandhan, highly inhumane behavior had been witnessed with childrens of a culprit behind bars when they went to meet him.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, two children went to meet their father in jail, then the staff of the prison stamped on their mouths. This case of insensitivity shown to the innocent by the jail staff is now catching up. ADG, Prison Gajiram Meena has ordered the investigation of the whole case. Jail Minister Kusum Manhadele also said that the investigation is underway, but Central Jail Superintendent Dinesh Narvere is not ready to accept that his staff has made a mistake by stamping the children’s mouth.

This is the matter of Monday when the prisoners’ relatives came to meet him on the festival of Rakhi. A prisoner’s son also came to meet his father with his mother. The prison staff stamped on both of these faces. Generally, there is a tradition of stamping the hands of those coming to the prisoners in jail, but on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the jail staff stamped the face of two innocent people.

After the matter came to light, ADG prisoner Ghajiram Meena asked the DIG Jail to investigate the entire matter. Meena has admitted that there is no such provision in jail manual that no person should be stamped on the body of the person coming to meet the prisoner, but still, there is a tradition in the jails. He said, “Usually any mark or stamp is placed on the hand. The stamping of children’s mouth is totally wrong. I have ordered this inquiry. Any person who is found guilty will take action against him”.

The jail minister has also spoken about the investigation, but the Superintendent of Bhopal Central Jail is not ready to accept the mistake of his staff in this case. They have argued that because of the Rakshabandan, thousands of people had come to meet prisoners in jail, due to which the staff had to adopt this method. Meanwhile, child rights activist and Madhya Pradesh Child Commission member Vibhanshu Joshi has said that the incident of stamping the faces of children is very serious. Joshi says that it is a violation of the Child Rights Act. Immediate action should be taken against the jail collector doing so Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has also taken cognizance of the matter.

On the other hand, Congress has condemned the incident and alleged that children are being treated unwantedly in the state. The Chief Minister calls himself the children’s maternal uncle. On the other hand, their government employees are doing such poor behavior with the children. Congress spokesman Pankaj Chaturvedi has demanded immediate dismissal of the jailer who was stamped on the faces of children. They have also alleged that prisoners are under the influence of the ruling party, that’s why they have targeted children of a particular society. Meanwhile, the BJP has also said that the matter has been investigated.