SHOCKING : This is what Muslims think about Non-Muslim Women!

Muslim Men rape Non Muslim WomenMuslim Rape Infidels

Muslim Men world-wide consider Non Muslim women as infidels who exist only to satiate their lust and sexual hunger. It isn’t restricted to fanatic and extremist jihadis, but also applies totally towards all muslims men in the world.

Recently 4 rich Muslims in Pakistan harassed christian girls to get into their car to have some fun and free rides. When they refused, they killed one girl and severely injured the other 2 claiming that christian girls are only meant for the pleasure of muslim men.

Christian Girls are considered to be sexual objects that can be damaged at will or desire. Abusing non muslim girls is almost considered to be a fundamental right. The greatest surprise is that it isn’t even considered a crime in Islam. The world has witnessed the brutal Islamic Sexual Game called Taharussh or Group Rape where over hundreds of men publicly grope, molest and rape non-muslim women.

Over recent years, several hundred European Girls have been groped, molested and raped by Muslim Refugees under the pretext that it is their right and privilege to do so. Leave Somalia and Pakistan, even several German & Swedish cities are now considered unsafe for women due to the history of rape by refugees.

Recent Incidents :

An Imam from Britain admitted that they are are taught that all women are second class citizens by birth and they are mere possessions over whom men enjoy complete and absolute authority and control. As if the denigration of womanhood wasn’t enough, he states that White women were subject to special contempt.┬áRecently, a muslim convicted of rape confessed before a British court that sharing Non-Muslim women was an integral part of Somali Culture & a religious activity.

On Feb 10, An Algerian Muslim almost killed a 25 year old student. He shouted that it is Allahs Will to rape her after he followed her from a nightclub at 5 in the morning near Hannover, Germany.