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Lib Prof beats up Trump supporter, ends up getting perfect REWARD!

Lib Prof beats up Trump supporter, ends up getting perfect REWARD!

Professor goes full retard It is very well known that the American education system is infected largely by a bunch of Hillary supporting liberals who fail to understand the importance and the essence of America….

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Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

Here’s the REAL REASON why Trump is visiting Saudi Arabia

Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia Trump began first overseas visit as the President of the United States with Saudi Arabia. However, several supporters of Donald Trump have criticized the him for his trip to Saudi…

Bob Wright exposes MSNBC


WATCH: Trump tweets VIRAL VIDEO, Schumer & Pelosi are crying after watching it!

Trump exposes every Democrat with a single video!

Bomb shell video posted by Trump After the firing of James Comey, several liberals and the whole American media took a big deviation from their old stances and accused Trump of running a dictatorship. Prior…

US Congress North Korea N Korea

North Korea writes rare letter to US Congress

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Donald Trump fires James Comey

The Young Congresswoman behind Comey’s removal

Congresswoman exposes Comey! Not many times do we see young people participate actively in American politics. But this young Congresswoman not took an active part in our democracy, but she ripped apart James Comey in…

Condoleezza Rice exposes liberals

VIDEO: Condoleezza Rice SHUTS DOWN every Hillary supporting lib on LIVE TV!

Its hard to believe that Condoleezza Rice is a Republican Former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice recently appeared on The Hannity Show. Although a Republican, unlike her counterparts, Rice has been…

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Donald Trump fires James Comey

The real reason Donald Trump fired James Comey

Comey thrown out Just a few hours ago, President Donald Trump announced that he had fired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chief James Comey. He was into the post for four years before Trump brought…

US Forces pay respect to Hilda Clayton

Brave US Army camerawoman captures a still of her own death

Tomi Lahren exposes ANTIFA and socialism

VIDEO: Tomi Lahren exposes the truth behind ANTIFA -You Go Girl!

Tomi Lahren tears them apart! The Anti-Fascist Action movement ANTIFA has been in news over the past several months for their unruly protests. Tomi Lahren exposes their bullshit motive! These protests are aimed to bring…