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Melania Trump’s “Secret Plan” for Christmas goes VIRAL – Liberals are going CRAZY about it!

The Barrack Obama administration had for long insulted the Christian tradition of Christmas. They made sure that each time Christmas was approaching, they remained politically correct and never uttered the word “Christmas”. The Obama admin…

Jim Howard

SHOCKING: GC College does the most DISGUSTING thing to him for respecting the Anthem!

Melania Trump makes Dakota Mom’s “Christmas Wish” come true – This

JUST IN: After Al Franken, now one the most powerful Democrats ever is charged of sexual assault!

Just a few days after Democratic Senator Al Franken was accused of sexually assaulting a female Uber driver, more bad news comes for the Democratic party after several women have now accused another Democratic leader…

Illegal immigrants kill border agent, but the Democrats remain silent

A few illegal immigrants killed a border agent today after he and he partner tried to stop them from entering the country. The FBI confirmed that one Martinez had been killed by the illegal immigrants,…

Roy Moore accuser’s stepson reveals the truth about the story

Democrats have tried their best to ensure to bring out frivolous stories about Roy Moore, who will be contesting for Senator on a Republican ticket in Alabama. Early this week, one¬†Beverly Young Nelson claimed that…

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President Donald Trump and Justice Neil Gorsuch

Supreme Court partially allows implementation of Trump’s travel ban

No more refuge says SCOTUS After the continuing tension between President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) today budged to the demand by the White House. Earlier, a SCOTUS…

Ramnath Kovind facts

MUST READ: 6 lesser known facts about the next President of India Ramnath Kovind

Yogi Adityanath convoy attacked

Communists attack Yogi Adityanath’s convoy, get beaten up up security cover

A chief minister attacked, but zero media coverage Indian media bias knows no end. This time they have reached new heights by completely blacking out an incident which can be considered a “significant security lapse”…