Another Shock for China!!! India Invited Mongolia PM to end it dependence on China

It seems Modi government has decided to go full throttle against China. India and China has a long history of provocations and face-offs. China did try to lure all the neighbors of India and created a String of Pearls to encircle India into its trap.
However, it seems PM Modi has learnt the lesson so quickly. In last 3 years of his rule, he has already established cordial relations with almost every neighbor of China, especially those who have tainted relationship with China. Indian Government has again hit an ace, and this time with Mongolia.
Amid growing tensions on border, the Indian government has acted fast to reach out to new President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga, who has been arguing against his nation’s dependence on its giant neighbor China.
A few days after Battulga was elected as the president of Mongolia, riding on a campaign built on the simmering resentment among the Mongolians against China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited him for a visit to India.

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also invited Mongolia’s new president Khaltmaa Battulga to visit India, a diplomatic move that may have the significant effect on international relations in South Asia. This India-Mongolia bonhomie has now found hope for even better ties with Battulga’s victory.

To understand Battulga’s anti-China views, which in fact helped him win the presidential election, it is important to note that China purchases 80 percent of Mongolian exports, according to AFP.

Mongolia’s economy grew by a measly one percent last year, a stark contrast from an impressive 17 percent in 2011. It has been hit hard by a more than 50 percent fall in the price of copper, its main export, over the past five years, while slowing growth in its biggest customer China has hobbled the economy.

Given the slow growth, anti-China sentiment has been growing in Mongolia and people want to reduce the country’s dependence on China, something which was advocated by Battulga, said the report in The Economic Times.

In fact, Battulga will inherit a $5.5 billion International Monetary Fund-led bailout designed to stabilise its economy and lessen its dependency on China. An incident which also worsened the ties between China and Mongolia was when the Buddhist-majority Mongolia had invited Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to visit the country in November 2016.

President Pranab Mukherjee, too, sent a message, congratulating Battulga and stressing that India and Mongolia shared their belief in democracy. India’s quick move to warm up to the president of Mongolia assumes significance in the wake of the face-off between the Indian Army and Chinese People’s Liberation Army in western Bhutan. Battulga indicated that his government would seek to end Mongolia’s dependence on China and strengthen foreign relations with the United States and other countries.
It seems PM Modi’s Para Diplomacy will bear the fruits very soon.