A peaceful march turned into a protest after 12 LGBT arrests

Innocent LGBT protesters arrested!

A dozen activists those were affiliated with the group No Justice No Pride got arrested at New York City’s Pride March on Sunday, At the time they were protesting ,they said was inappropriate corporate sponsorship and police presence in the LGBT community event.

The NYPD has now confirmed that 12 people were arrested, with six activists who are duly booked for the conspiracy of criminal trespassing, five charged with obstructing governmental administration and one charged with disorderly conduct.

Official statement given by the security head.

According to New Yorker Mike Basillas, a member of No Justice No Pride, about half of those arrested were released. On Monday, the remaining six with trespassing and obstruction charges were still awaiting arraignment.

“We’re addressing police violence against marginalized communities, particularly black, brown and indigenous people,” Basillas said, “and the corporatization and sponsorship of pride.””We can’t say the police are our friends when this started with Stonewall,” Basillas said, “which was a riot of resistance to police harassment.”

Leader for the protest said, its a conspiracy against the LGBT Community!

On June 10, No Justice No Pride D.C. member Jen Deerinwater told in their statement that Out that activists decided to block that city’s parade only after earlier negotiations with parade organizers failedClashes with police were a theme at several pride parades this year. NBC Out reached out to the Gay Officers Action League (GOAL NY), which participates in the New York City Pride March. The group is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.ht

“No Justice No Pride is a group of people that came together within the last couple of months, originally to ask Capital Pride to stop banking with Wells Fargo,” Deerinwater told NBC Out. “We tried to have a dialogue at [Capital Pride’s] last board meeting, but the dialogue wasn’t fruitful.”