March 2017

CONGRATS: halal Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, except in Australia!

FINALLY EXPOSED: The real truth about “halal” which no one wants you to know!

From many years several activists in several countries have risen up against “Halal”. Be it Australia or America or India, all the countries face a common problem from this. Several reports have shown how it is…

Infant kolled by ISIS, Turnbull keeps silence

BREAKING: ISIS executes 2 yr old Australian infant -Turnbull gives SHOCKING response!

An Australian baby aged about 2 years was reportedly killed by the Islamic State militants after the infant’s father tried to escape from ISIS. This incident took place in the Middle Eastern war zone where…

President of India Pranab Mukherjee gives BIGGEST SLAP to Cong just before term end

WOW: President Pranab Mukherjee gives BIGGEST SLAP to Congress just before term end!

President Pranab Mukherjee in his speech today gave one of the biggest slaps to Congress and the liberal brigade. He said that refuses to believe that Indians can ever be intolerant. Congress, AAP and several…

PWD Dept AAP ordered to pay 97 crore from party funds within 1 month -Reason will make you smile

AAP ordered to pay 97 crore from party funds within 1 month -Reason will make you smile

Any random newspaper one opens or any TV channel one switches on, one thing was common -Aam Aadmi Party’s advertisements! AAP came into a huge controversy after it was alleged that they had used Government…

Bourke street mass murderer

BREAKING: Fresh charges on Bourke street mass murderer

Fresh cases registered The court today revised the charges against the Bourke Street mass murderer and as fresh charges were filed. This development comes after Bhavita Patel, 33, succumbed to her injuries. Her fmaily took…

Chinese Islamist problem

You may hate China, but this is how they dealt with their Islamist problem & never faced an issue again

China’s Islamist problem Like several countries in the world, China was one of the first to face problem from extremist Muslims. When you compare them with other countries now, one will remain shocked. The rate…

Men can eat their wives says Saudi cleric

“Men can eat their wives, but only if severely hungry,” declares top Saudi Muslim Cleric

bans reservation in private medical colleges anti-romeo squads Free electricity connection Yogi Adityanath Shuts Down Illegal Meat Processing Plant in Kairana

Don’t cry sickulars, UP High Court just officially allowed anti-Romeo squads!

UP HC approved anti-Romeo squads The Uttar Pradesh High Court today officially approved anti-Romeo squads on the streets of the state while replying to a PIL on the same. Anti-Romeo squads were set up by…

Mike Flynn

“I will testify if you give me immunity,” says Mike Flynn on Russia hacking

Ready to expose all says Mike Flynn Washington, USA: Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is reportedly in discussions with the Senate intelligence committee on the Russian election hacking case. He has said that he…

Child brides

Child brides seen in NSW every week, child marriage “significantly unreported”

Alarming situation – child brides! New South Wales, Australia: The number of child brides in Australia at large and New South Wales in particular is on the rise. This is despite the strict action by…