VIDEO: This is the STRONGEST message to the Kate Steinle Jury – Every American must hear it!

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buy Lyrica usa Illegal immigrants and their largely criminal activities have become a pain for the American public. While left wing activists continue to support illegal immigrates stating that it is “basic humanity”, seem to be forgetting the reality. The kin of the victims of crimes by illegal immigrants truly know what a menace these people are.

Jamiel Shaw Sr

Jamiel Shaw Sr

watch Jamiel Shaw Sr’ son Jamiel was killed by illegal immigrants for no reason while walking down the road in 2008. “He was a good, I started working with him when he was 5 years old on sports. I was trying to get him a scholarship to play baseball, basketball, football, anything. I was determined, I was trying to get him to college,” he said remembering his son.

Tadalafil Oral Strips He spoke up about the Kate Steinle Jury’s decision to let her killer walk and completely demolished them with his arguments. He went on the blame the jury, saying that the “activist” jury exonerated Zarate as a swipe at President Donald Trump. He then went on to claim that the jury was filled with “left wing nutjobs”. The Kate Steinle not guilty verdict sent ripples of outrage throughout the nation on Thursday and has come to be the subject of renewed debate on enforcement and US immigration policy.

Jamiel Shaw Sr with his son Jamiel Shaw II

source site Jamiel Shaw Sr with his son Jamiel Shaw II

b8b5524e3f5d9d9f4d009e1fdbba8c96 “I expected it. I remember telling people that he’s going to walk. They’re going to make him a sacrificial lamb kind of thing, he’s going to be “the one that takes down Trump”, that’s all they cared about. I pissed me off though. This piece of garbage acts like he is so innocent,” he said on his introductory remarks on a interview on Fox News.

opzioni binarie ritorno “They always want you to walk a mile in their shoes. Why don’t they walk a mile in our shoes? How about he gets in a casket, we’ll bury him for a while, he can see what it feels like to be dead. My son was murdered. He was walking down the street in America. He actually thought he could do that and he was wrong. He was shot dead by an illegal alien on his third gun charge,” he further said, hitting out at liberal activists who have been supporting the verdict. “People down here in the jury, they’re all activists, left wing nut jobs. You’ve got the prosecutors. They were able to get away with it because the district attorney wasn’t conservative,” explaining how he struggled in L.A. to get justice for his son’s murderer. This is by far one of the most powerful and moving speeches in modern history. 



What is shocking is that when the liberal brigade and activists like BLM who speak all the time about “black rights” and “black empowerment” completely turned their backs on Jamiel Shaw Sr when he turned to them for help. It was the conservative Republicans who stood with Jamiel despite several unexpected decisions by the Court, and ensured that he got justice.

allegra 180 mg 24 hour If you recall, Jamiel was present in a couple of President Trump’s presidential campaigns during his run for election.

hydroxyurea zyrtec 5mg Jamiel Shaw Sr. stands behind Donald Trump at a press conference on July 10


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