PM Turnbull gives disappointing answer on Hanson’s Muslim ban demand

PM Turnbull gives disappointing answer on Hanson's Muslim ban demand

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rencontres seniors 95 Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today rejected Pauline Hanson’s demand for a complete ban on Islam and Muslim in Australia. He said that by banning Muslims or Islam, Australia would only be doing what the Islamic terrorists wanted them to do. He also suggested that such a ban might incite Muslim to attack Australia for their openly anti-Muslim attitude.

forex vendita online “The object of the Islamist terrorist is to get the broader society to turn on Muslims at large. If you seek to attribute to all Australian Muslims responsibility for the crimes of ISIL then you are doing what ISIL wants.” said Prime Minister Turnbull in an interview with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Friday. He also said that he had spoken to Pauline Henson and made his position very clear to the Senator. Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne also echoed what the Prime Minister felt, and said that Pauline’s suggestions will in now way help to bring down terrorism.

follow url During a conversation with 9 network Australia, he also said, “I think it was extraordinary that Pauline Hanson chose to politicize an issue like this at the time that she did. To play politics at a time like that, was, I just think, said a lot about the nature of her character.” Mr Turnbull took all the shots he had at the One Nation leader. Pauline Hanson had demanded a ban on Islam and Muslims in Australia quoting the recent attack in London where an Islamic terrorist had driven his car over several people, injuring dozens. After which the attacker stabbed police officer Mr Keith, who later succumbed to his injuries. After the attack, Pauline released a video footage where she encouraged people to pray, to pray for a Muslim ban. “It’s pray for Muslim ban. That is how you solve the problem,” she said.

see url So what do you think? Who was right, Turnbull or Hanson?

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