Turnbull promises funds to Afghan -But has no time or money for flood victims back home!

PM Turnbull gives disappointing answer on Hanson's Muslim ban demand

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Turnbull turns a blind eye

click here Malcolm Turnbull seems to have forgotten the country for which he is the Prime Minister. From his actions, it looks like he is spending more time on funding terrorist countries rather than concentrating on Australia. At a time when half of Australia is flooded and billions worth have property has been destroyed, Malcolm Turnbull is partying with the Afghanistan President who is on a visit to Australia.

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site rencontres italiens Yesterday, he signed an agreement with the Afghan President to provide $320 million funds for their country. He also signed several bilateral trade agreements to help Afghanistan. But two questions remain. Why is he supporting Afghanistan, a well known terrorist state? In fact Afghanistan is home to the largest number of terrorists after Iraq.

Why Afghan?

site rencontre ivoirien Taliban is a homegrown terrorist organisation of Afghanistan, and this si whom all the Australian taxpayer’s money is going to! The second question is, why no significant action regarding the floods? We see reports everyday in the newspapers, television, and other mediums that several families have drowned in the floods.

see url But Malcolm Turnbull has turned a blind eye to this! Whatever work is being done is being done by the state Governments. The Prime Minister however is quite disconnected with reality and is living in his won world of minority appeasement. Although he visited the flood hit areas, he seems to have taken to action.

Flood relief only for a corporate?

rencontre creil Several people in NSW have hit out at Trunbull after his decision to give Ford and Holden a flood disaster package. People are questioning whether such packages will be offered only to huge companies like these that have close ties with politicians, or are the people of Australia too entitled to these benefits?

source url “If you come back in six months, you’ll just about see 50 to 80 percent of those (flood-affected) businesses still not open. I’m facing the fact that if I don’t open my (business) doors I’m going to have to sell my house to pay the rent. That doesn’t seem just for a man who pays a huge amount of tax every year. There is a full suite of supports for a region like this that is recovering. This is a strong city, it has seen floods before and it has recovered. Turnbull has to do more,” said Mr Steve Kraig, a businessman from NSW.

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