BREAKING: Trump takes “final decision” regarding ISIS – Best news since he became President!


any options demo President Trump and General “Mad Dog” Mattis have taken an important strategic decision today regarding ISIS, and it is going to bring about a significant change in the coming months. During his run for President, Donald Trump had promised that he would completely eliminate ISIS if he became President, and with this move, we are one step closer to that.

General James 'Mad Dog' Mattis

après première rencontre amoureuse General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

gta v citas internet The Trump administration is turning up the heat on several Asian allies now to participate in their efforts to eliminate ISIS. A source in the White House today confirmed that Trump has instructed Gen. Mattis to “let the Army free” on ISIS. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is on a trip to several allies of the United States in Asia this week, and has constantly been urging them to join the battle against ISIS. Rex Tillerson was in India today where he delivered a loud and clear message to them to join counter terrorism efforts. The Indian Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded well to the request and pledged to join the joint efforts to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism around the world. Last week, Tillerson also visited Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, three countries which are home to the highest number of Islamic terrorists in Asia, and gave them what analysts termed as a “final warning”, carrying out Trump’c clear instructions to the terrorist havens.

As the liberal media continues to focus on bashing Trump and other Republicans, the US Army has silently been eliminating ISIS from several of their strongholds in Syria. In fact, they have weakened ISIS so much that their militants are surrendering in thousands to American forces because “ISIS doesn’t have money to pay them”.

ISIS militants

A recent estimate put out by the US Army says that ISIS now controls just  follow 3% of Iraq and 5% Syria, a significant decrease in their power, which all has happened over the past 6 months. The first major victory for the US Army and Trump was forcing out ISIS from their capital – Raqqa.

“We are beating ISIS very badly. I have them [the Army General] the authority to what’s right so that we win. We have done more in 8 months than the previous administration has done in many years,” President Donald Trump declared in an interview to Fox News.

So what did Trump do that eliminated ISIS so fast?

There was one obvious solution to eliminating ISIS for long, and the Obama administration ignored it for long. What better way to defeat ISIS, than to empower the locals who are against them? This is exactly what Trump did. handeln mit binären optionen schon ab 10 euro In May 2017, Trump provided weapons to the Kurdish Defense Forces, after which ISIS has been eliminated swiftly.

Even the United States Envoy to the ISIS Coalition Territory, who has been there even when Obama was in power has now admitted that it was Trump who played a major role in arming the Kurds to quickly eliminate ISIS from several territories which the US Army found difficult to reach.

Soldiers of the Peshmerga Kurdish Army

Soldiers of the Peshmerga Kurdish Army

“It is moving faster and more efficiently and more effectively. Pretty significant changes made in terms of delegations to public authorities,” said Bret McGurk speaking about Trump’s authorization to arm the Kurdish forces.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are now claiming that President Trump simply implemented one of Obama’s ideas. However, what is quite funny is that the Kurds have been trying to contact the American forces for assistance for long, and the Obama administration did not bother much with these requests.

binär optionen ebook Now that ISIS is virtually destroyed, the Democrats are first in line to claim credit for eliminating them!