After Sushma Swaraj thrashes China,its Army warned for war

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Sushma Swaraj thrashed China by clearing India’s stand on China!

where can i buy viagra online in the usa Sushma Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha on Thursday that “already China had violated the 2012 agreement and unilaterally changed the status quo at tri-junction, India had no choice but to intervene. This marks the external affairs minister’s first comments on the issue and India’s first official response since the 30 June MEA press release to the continuing, tense standoff at the Sikkim sector.


source Sushma Swaraj clarified about India’s stated position, that it was China who changed the “facts on the ground” and in so created a spark in whole China that after India took its firm stand the Chinese government is out of its senses and acting inhumanly.

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India’s stand was never such firm and strong like this new emerging India has only because of such ministers-

source site India has so far been very much careful about public posturing over the disputes with China preferring to tackle ahead with quiet and legitimate diplomacy, but the minister’s comments are making it very simple and clear that New Delhi is in no mood to back off despite China’s mischievous efforts to heating up the temperature across borders.

go to link Even as the minister was making her statements in the Upper House of Parliament, fresh reports from Beijing indicated that China would carry on with its ploy to pile up pressure on India through psy-ops and media-driven proxy war. A former Chinese diplomat, who had been posted in Mumbai before as Consul General, told China’s state broadcaster that India has three options at Doklam: “Withdrawal, capture or death.”

After Sushma Swaraj made quiet clear stand and statements Chinese diplomats warned India- According to a report carried by India Today, Liu Youfa told CCTV that “when people in uniform get across the border and move into territory of another country, they naturally become the enemies who have to face three consequences…

rencontre entre maman celibataire First they can pull out voluntarily. Or, they can be captured. And should the border dispute escalate, they may be killed. These are the three possibilities”, adding that “Chinese side is standing there waiting for India to make a sensible choice.”


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