VIDEO: Sarah Sander’s father SHREDS APART Liberal Reporter- She will never forget this!


go The Democrats have run out of serious topics to take down Republican President Donald Trump, so they ran the extra mile to give birth to ridiculous fake controversies. This happened when the American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan, over the thanksgiving holiday break accused White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of posting a fake picture of a chocolate pecan pie.

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go to link This ugly event once again only points out to the lack of seriousness in the Press. Sarah happened to be at her in-laws making her pies, and this is when it had all begun. It seemed like a whip of laughter when mature men and women argue over pies being legit or not, but this is what the American media has been reduced to.

binary option free cash Gov. Mike Huckabee – Sarah Sander’s father The Press cannot function with this kind of baseless claims on people with high responsibility and function. Ryan went on to tweet a long list of things which included “fake pie”, “pie gate” and asked Sarah to take a picture of her cooking it and folks eating it, and went on to call it the biggest laugh.

follow Sarah’s Father; Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee immediately reacted to this incident with a stinging response. Mr. Huckabee said to Stuart Varney on Fox Business News, “Let me tell you something. She’s been making this pie for years….makes for her friends, but here’s the warning that I would issue.” He went on to say, “Stuart, don’t even try to mess with a Southern woman and her homemade pies. It’s just as dangerous as when you hear a Southern Woman Begin Her sentence with ‘bless your heart’,”. He closed his arguments by saying that he is upset on how ridiculous the coverage has become and pie-gate should be put to an end. He pointed out to how certain media houses have come down from brave reporting during wars, to now debating about pies.

fare trading sui btp Watch the video below where Mike Huckabee rips apart the senseless allegations! 

CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON TO WATCH: Words aside, the main fact is that whether or not people should argue over pies? Pies aren’t one of those we should be questioning today, it’s the security of the people and the country which is in hand. Controversies to earn television ratings, and cheap publicity, is surely not what the media should be doing at this moment.