Xi Jinping makes "urgent" call to Donald Trump


BREAKING: United Nations left with nowhere to go after unexpected midnight decision by Trump!

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BREAKING: Clinton rape victim gives amazing “solution” to Trump – Its high time we implement it!

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VIDEO: This is the STRONGEST message to the Kate Steinle Jury – Every American must hear it!

valutahandel engelska Illegal immigrants and their largely criminal activities have become a pain for the American public. While left wing activists continue to support illegal immigrates stating that it is “basic humanity”, seem to be forgetting the…


JUST IN: Trump reverses “bizarre” Michelle Obama decision, brings back American favorite to schools!

click here The Trump government is ending another of the despised, overly strict lunch rules of Michelle Obama, and the Democrats are surely outraged after this! Back when Obama was the President, a committee had decided to…

Cindy Bass

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BREAKING: Massive protests after Philly Govt proposes insane Bill – Worst move in American history!

http://bullcitycraft.com/milnica/985 Philadelphia is announced a new bill in its attempt to crack down on drug sales, public urination and loitering — but it has triggered massive backlash from small businesses. Philadelphia’s Public Health and Human Services…


BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway lands a new job and it is the MOST IMPORTANT one yet!

BREAKING: Bristol Palin names 5 BIGGEST celebrities who sexually harassed her family – SHOCKING!

Sexual allegations have become one of the most discussed topics in America ever since details of Harvey Weinstein’s scandals emerged. The names that have popped up are not just from Hollywood, but include several influential…

BREAKING: Trump takes surprise midnight decision – USA & Israel hits them where it hurts most!

The conflict between Israel and Palestine for control of Jerusalem has been going on for quite some time now. While Israel maintains that Jerusalem is the “holiest site for Jews”, the Palestinians claim that it…

EPIC: 9 celebrities go into COMPLETE MELTDOWN after the Tax Bill gets passed -UNMISSABLE!

It is well known that several Hollywood celebrities have been outspoken against President Donald Trump and his tax reforms. As soon as the Senate passed the Bill on early Saturday morning, several Hollywood celebrities lost…

Is the NFL victim of a Extortion Scheme by Kaepernick & Co.? – SHOCKING DETAILS inside!