VIDEO: The DARKEST SECRET of Islam finally exposed! -Muslims want this video banned

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Darkest secret of Islam

con ig si possono fare le opzioni digitali Several Muslims around the world want this video to be banned immediately as is exposes the darkest secret of Islam. This is something that has shaken the whole world and exposes one of the most cheap practices in their society. A secret investigation was carried on by BBC into this shocking practice. Here is what they found.

see url A number of online services are charging divorce Muslims women to take part in Halal Muslim marriages. Women are paying in thousands to have sex with strangers in order to get back with their husbands. As per Sharia law a woman cannot marry a man who has divorced her unless she is married to someone else. The new husband can divorce her and she can now marry back her old husband.

A disgusting practice! Sounds strange, well this is surely the darkest secret of Islam! This practice is called  enter site nikah halala. Please don’t be mistaken about the Islamic term halal. This is different. This is much much more evil than halal. If a woman wants to remarry a person who divorced her before, she has to first undergo a nikah (marriage). Once married, the wife must consummate her marriage. After this the husband must either die or divorce the woman after which she can remarry her previous husband. The BBC interviewed a Muslim woman named Farah who exposed the real truth behind this whole racket. She said she met her husband when she was just 22 and fell in love with him. “He was the love of my life, and one day he texted me talalq, talaq, talaq,” says a teary Farah, recollecting the horror she went through.

VIDEO: Muslim woman confesses

get link Farah exposed the darkest secret of Islam. “After he divorced me, he regretted. Both of us regretted it. We wanted to get back together.  We knew that halala was the only way. There are several people who offer the paid service of halala, Imams even. I was so in love with him that I was willing to do anything to get back with him,” confessed Farah.

click here Although Farah says she pulled out of this disastrous idea in the last minute, she says she knows several women who went through with this evil practice to get back with their husbands. To know the complete truth about halala, watch this 2 minute confession video of Farah below. binäre optionen lukrativ


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