Murder of Real ‘Mohammed’ Ayub is the murder of Kashmir’s culture and humanity

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Another braveheart lost somewhere just for the sake of Kashmiris. When a beast starts eating its own tail, it is a clear sign of its impending derangement. Kashmir who lst Mohammed Ayub unfortunately, has reached that point of madness.

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purchase Lyrica in canada The lynching of Mohammed Ayub Pandith, a deputy superintendent of police, at Jamia Masjid in Nowhatta, Srinagar, on Thursday is a warning that Kashmir is turning into a snake pit where the inhabitants are ready to attack each other, creating an environment of fear, anarchy and hysteria – ultimately creating a society that could annihilate itself.

REAL MOHAMMED killed by these cruel killers in the name of propet Mohammed!

broker per azioni binarie There is just one word to describe Pandith’s lynching, barbaric. Murdering a man with Mohammed in his name on Shab-e-Qadr – the night when first Quranic verses were revealed to the Prophet – is not just anti-human but it alsìo defies the very spirit of the occasion the murderers were celebrating. By lynching Pandith, a man performing his duty, the deranged mob of killers has not just shamed humanity and Kashmiriyat but also defiled Islam.

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enter site It is evident that something is really wrong in the Valley. Instead of fighting politically with the Indian state, its jihadists and stone-pelters are now turning against their own people in the most violent ways. There seems to be an undeclared Kashmiri vs Kashmiri war that is turning ugly and brutal.

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Ummer Fayaz and Mohammed Ayub are real heroes. The new trend was visible when militants first abducted and killed Lt Ummer Fayaz, an Indian Army officer, on the eve of his sister’s wedding then Mohammed Ayub. Much more than the dastardly killing of the officer, the silence of the Kashmiris was more indicative of how they had accepted the violence directed within.

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watch Then, six days ago, militants ambushed and killed six police officers in South Kashmir’s Achbal area. Such was the venom inside them that the murderers disfigured the cops after launching a cowardly attack. Before that, on 28 May, five cops and two guards were killed by terrorists in a raid on a van carrying cash.


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