These women sat & laughed as a Veteran was eaten alive – Was their punishment fair enough?

rencontrer qqn de bien How mean can humans really be? Well, these two women have set new heights of being inhumane. The two women in question Hayley Sulley and Della Woods were laughing as they were enjoying a barbecue in Liverpool garden, but they forgot to feed their pet  Presa Canario dog for over 2 days. Tests revealed that they had not given any food or water to their pet dog, and it had tried to chew plastic bowls and cigarette butts in hunger. A neighbor who saw that the dog was behaving strangely immediately called the police, but before they arrived, damage was done.

follow url As the dog was roaming around looking for anything to eat, 79 year old Veteran Clifford Clarke came out of his front door to the porch. As soon as the dog saw him, it pounced upon him and began to bite off his flesh. It even chewed away parts of his revolver using which he tried to defend himself.

www echtzeit bynari options “I am satisfied this dreadful and forceful attack on Mr. Clarke was entirely avoidable. Mr. Clarke was literally eaten alive by Charlie when large amounts of tissue were ingested by the dog and that is a very shocking, appalling and tragic event. Mr. Clarke suffered a horrific death and you have taken away from his family the love and companionship he would have provided,” Judge Mark Brown said as he delivered his verdict.

Presa Canario

follow A Presa Canario, totally unrelated to the incident Reports pointed out that the dog had managed to chew off an entire arm of Clarke. Despite being amputated, Clarke did not survive as he was gravely injured. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has also said that these women completely deserve their sentence for starving their dog, which ultimately led to the death of an innocent man. “This was a vicious attack on a defenseless man who was powerless to fight back against this large and powerful dog. The guilty pleas of these two women have thankfully brought this case to a relatively speedy conclusion and have saved Mr. Clarke’s relatives the ordeal of a trial. Hayley Sulley and Della Woods were both responsible for the dog’s welfare and behavior on that fateful day. Their failure to make sure the dog was cared for and under control has led to a man’s death and they must now come to terms with that. Our thoughts are with the family of Mr. Clarke at this sad time,” said Prosecutor Gary Simpson.

The dog owners

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The women have been sentenced to 1 go to link 2 months in prison, and will not be allowed to own a dog throughout their lives, the Judge ruled. Some other people however felt that the women seem to gave gotten away with a light sentence.