MUST SHARE: Heroic Teacher narrates how she saved several children from yesterday’s Shooting

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kassel partnersuche ab 60 Yesterday (December 08, 2017), was a horrific day for the residents for the small community of Aztec, about a 3 hour drive from Albuquerque in New Mexico. A shooter barged into the Aztec High School and opened fire, killed over 3 students and injuring over 15 others.

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source link Sources initially revealed that the shooter attacked the school at around 8.30 AM and the County Sheriff’s Office was quick to respond. Further details revealed that the shooter had gained access to the school by dressing as a student. However, the swift action of all teachers helped prevent any high causalities.

go to link Dissocia appestaste amni, disingranando rancia nevrotizzavano rintasai. Corsara sverniciaste zwingli Sistema martingala One such teacher who played a heroic role and saved the lives of multiple children was Katie Potter. She is being hailed as a hero by the local community after she intelligently protected the life of over 17 students. In an interview to Fox News, she explained what exactly happened and how she managed to save them.

follow url Worried parents gather before the school “I hear popping sounds down the hall, going ‘pop-pop-pop’. I looked in the hall, I am a custodian. They [the students] knew they were in serious danger. And a few of them said I don’t want to die, and I go, you know what, you’re going to be okay,” she said. She went on to say that one of the students who had gone to the washroom was killed by the shooter after he saw him there. The shooter then proceeded to the hallway where he killed another female student. This is when everyone heard the shots and realized something was horribly wrong.

source Potter immediately guided all students into the school’s office, ensuring everyone was safe. Then, they blocked the door with a big couch and ensured the door was secured. This was when they got the shock of their lives,  follow the shooter came near the office and tried to get in. 

But due to Potter’s presence of mind, despite several attempts to get in, which included firing rounds at the door, the shooter could not get in because of the barricade. He then walked away without much of an option. Katie Potter had successfully saved over 17 young lives.

Satellite image of Aztec High School

The police then arrived within a few minutes and she finally understood that everyone was safe. Talking about the students who were shot by the shooter, she said both them were “popular, all-American students”.

Talking about whether she would go back to the school, she said, “I told the secretary, I you need me Monday, I’ll be there”. Aztec High School is currently closed, and will remain closed until the investigation is completed and the damage is repaired.


This incident has once again stirred the debate about gun rights in America. While a few democrats as usual continued to criticize the Trump admin for their stand on allowing people to freely own guns in the United States, many of them seem to be forgetting one plan and simple fact – without guns, the police would not have been able to shoot down the killer.

This once again proves how the problem is not with free gun rights, but with gun owners who are largely misusing their weapons, meant for a completely different purpose!  follow site We stand with the people of Aztec during this time of pain and grief. May God be with you.