BREAKING: ISIS executes 2 yr old Australian infant -Turnbull gives SHOCKING response!

Infant kolled by ISIS, Turnbull keeps silenceInfant kolled by ISIS, Turnbull keeps silence


source link An Australian baby aged about 2 years was reportedly killed by the Islamic State militants after the infant’s father tried to escape from ISIS. This incident took place in the Middle Eastern war zone where ISIS is rapidly expanding. Turnbull however thinks differently.

follow url The father of the infant was allegedly an ISIS fighter. He had contacted the Australian as he wanted to become an informer and leave ISIS. The Australian Government however did not respond to his pleading. Instead the Australian authorities went ahead and cancelled  his passport and declared that he is no more an Australian citizen.

Brazenly shocking response from Australian Govt

see url Instead of condemning ISIS, the Australian authorities chose to blame the child’s father. “We condemn any parent who takes their family to the conflict zone. The government has consistently said going to the conflict zone puts yourself and others in danger,” said a spokesperson of Attorney General George Brandis. What’s utterly shocking is that when asked about the issue neither Malcolm Turnbull nor George Brandis dares to utter a word about ISIS. All they said was about the dead man. They did not even condemn ISIS! How can we expect a state to be run if the Prime Minister does not even dare to condemn extreme terrorism. For God’s sake, even most moderate Muslims condemn ISIS, what’s you problem Mr Prime Minister?!

follow url Turnbull’s response was even worst. He flat out refused to comment anything else on the issue but echoed what the Attorney General said. When asked about the age, gender, and the manner in which the baby was killed, Turnbull just said these were “intelligence matters”.

The terrorist who killed the infant give's the baby's head to his son for a pose and photograph

enter site The terrorist who killed the infant give’s the baby’s head to his son for a pose and photograph

What Turnbull fails to understand

actividades para solteros zaragoza We somewhat agree with Turnbull when he says the parents are to blame. After all, they are shameless terrorists who left Australia, converted to Islam, became terrorists and killed thousands of people. But the only point what we object to is Turnbull’s shameless nature of not batting a word about ISIS! Image 1 – Source ; Image 2 Source


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