James Comey testifies before US Congress on wire tapping issue

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Comey testifies in front of Congress

binäre optionen verdient President Donald Trump recently announced that he had fired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chief James Comey. He was into the post for four years before Trump brought an end to his 10 year term. “You are hereby terminated and removed from the office, effective immediately,” said an executive letter signed by Trump.


http://killjoytattoo.com/?kremeni=sie-sucht-ihn-wittenberg&aa6=25 As per top sources in the White House, there are mainly three reason because of which Trump chose to fire Comey. 56 year old Comey was somewhat becoming lazy in his duty. There was no major advancement in several cases being handled by the FBI and nor could they effectively curb terrorism in USA under Comey.

Why was he fired?

see url The first main reason is the recommendation by the Department of Justive (DOJ). The DOJ had earlier recommended that Donald Trump should immediately fire James Comey, an Obama appointee, who was not effectively performing his duties as FBI chief. “I nevertheless concur with the judgement of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau,” said the letter by Trump.

http://reha-baunatal.de/?biiodr=partnervermittlung-behinderte-schweiz&c26=b4 The second and third reasons are somewhat obvious to all Americans. James Comey was failing to make any progress at all in the cases pivotal to Trump’s victory -The Hillary Clinton email case and the Russian election hacking case. Both these cases required top priority, but Comey however chose to sideline them. This proves another point that Trump is hell bent upon getting a clean investigation into these cases and bring out the truth.


http://qsai.es/?esfirew=rencontre-d%27un-jour-marseille&ed7=52 Watch below the exclusive live coverage from the US Congress where former FBI director James Comey is testifying on several issues. Congress members are currently cross questioning him.  follow url Watch the live coverage below:

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=rencontre-avec-joe-black-french-720p&d6f=bb So what do you think of James Comey? Was he involved in the whole thing or do you think he is innocent? LEave your comments below regarding what you think about this whole issue.


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