Cosmopolitan magazine caught bluffing after Manchester attack

Cosmopolitan magazine caught bluffing after Manchester attackAftermath of the Manchester attack

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Left wing media exposed!

ahmed moualek rencontre jssnews It is a well known fact that several television channels, newspapers and magazines are funded by several left leaning organisations. Although most of their articles and news pieces subtly spread the left wing agenda, this time The Cosmopolitan was caught openly spreading lies after a devastating terrorist attack in Manchester, United Kingdom.

dating rules after third date At a time when the world was mourning the terrorist attack in Manchester, The Cosmopolitan Magazine did not forget to use the sad incident to get more publicity by publishing a sick lie about the aftermath of the attack. They shamelessly took advantage of the “trend” on Twitter to get more followers and sympathize with Islamic terrorists.

Fake tweet and fake news

rencontre femme valaisanne The magazine’s official Twitter handle Tweeted that a Muslim man had been helping terror victims after the attack. “Muslim taxi drivers took kids trying to escape Arian Grande concert home for free,” they Tweeted. The truth was however far away. Cosmopolitan soon deleted the Tweet after outrage.

tu conocer gente The so called “Muslim” man decided to speak up. He revealed that he was a Sikh cabbie and did indeed offer free rides for victims, and this had nothing to do with Islam. Harjinder Kukreja, the man in the said picture later spoke up about the incident and revealed how disgusted he was about what the magazine had done.

Cosmopolitan magazine caught bluffing after Manchester attack Cosmopolitan magazine caught bluffing after Manchester attack

click He further revealed that a journalist from The Cosmopolitan Magazine had contacted him to ask whether they could use the image with credits for a news piece. He said he allowed them to use the image, and credits were optional. However, he was completely taken aback when the magazine managed to change his religion!

Shame on the Cosmopolitan!

enter It indeed exposes their shameless agenda to hide the facts behind the incident. The same magazine refused to reveal the religion of the attacker although all media houses had got information about the same quite early. Look at the irony, they hide the identity of the attacker, but turn a good Samaritan who saved people to a Muslim in order to spread sympathy for religious attackers!

opcje binarne opis Its high time the whole world stood up to these leftist magazine who operate with a hidden agenda. Its time we understood that all these media houses are in fact hidden agents of Islamic terror. 


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