VIDEO: Dear Trump, you need to see what Chinese Cops did to Muslim terrorists who attacked them!

binäre optionen demokonto deutsch In several countries in the Western world, it is growing trend that the local law enforcement and police are not dealing too efficiently with terrorists, mainly because of their higher ups who give into appeasement politics, and force them to keep quiet. But, that’s not the case in China.

go GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: The two videos shown in this article contain violent scenes. Those aged under 21, or are pregnant, or have weak heart are requested to close this article immediately. 

rencontre mariage islam gratuit It is very well known that China is one of the few countries in the world who have openly launched an “anti-Islam” campaign. More recently, they have stepped up their agenda in the North Western region of Xinjiang and the regions of East Turkistan, which is home to China’s religious minority – the Uyghur Muslims. ( follow Scroll down for videos)

follow link Several people in the region reported that the Chinese authorities are now asking them to hand over all copies of the Quran with them to the police. Earlier too, the authorities had seized several Qurans a prayer mats from Muslim in the Xinjiang region. They are also subject to punishments if the Islamic holy book is not handed over to the authorities.

rencontre homme musulman riche Earlier, the authorities had confiscated copies of the Qurans which were published more than five years ago for containing “extremist content”. The Chinese Government had set up an authority several years ago, which censors all books, movies, or anything that is published in China. This body had published a “censored” version of the Quran about 5 years ago. (VIDEO BELOW)

All the Muslims in North West China know very well what it means when a regular afternoon pre-lunch siren goes off in all public places. The police carries on a daily check on all Muslims in the area and as soon the signal is given, all the people have to stop what they are doing and come out to allow the authorities to check any of the houses or shops they want to.

China had begun their battle against the Uyghur Muslims several years ago after they had started rooting for a new nation within China. Several Uyghur Muslim leaders are currently refugees in several European nations. The Chinese authorities have made it clear that these leaders will be arrested immediately and severely punished if they ever dare to set foot in China. conocer gente de cordoba veracruz (SCROLL DOWN BELOW FOR VIDEO)


This video from Xinjiang province shows how the Chinese police responds to 3 knife welding terrorists, who attack the police to try and rescue their Uyghur Muslim leader who has been arrested for “anti-national” activities.  follow site Click play to watch the video:


The second video, which is a little older is from July 2009, and the incident took place in East Turkestan. One can see in the video how the Chinese police manage to put down several Uyghur terrorists who were trying to attack the police officers.  je voudrais rencontrer quelqu'un de bien Click play below to watch: 

Although China clearly says that these steps are being taken only to prevent terrorist activities, several Islamic organisation and human right’s associations have criticized China for not giving basic freedom of religion to its citizens. Several Uyghur organisations outside China have demanded that they be given a separate Uyghur nation in North Western China.

Irrespective of whether what China is doing is correct or not, one thing is for sure- whatever they are doing is working. These steps taken by China to “prevent terrorism” have borne fruit. China is one of the few countries with little or no terrorism. China and Japan have one of the lowest terrorism attack reports in the world.