Child brides seen in NSW every week, child marriage “significantly unreported”

Child bridesChild brides

Alarming situation – child brides!

rencontre 974 facebook var köpa inderal New South Wales, Australia: The number of child brides in Australia at large and New South Wales in particular is on the rise. This is despite the strict action by law enforcement authorities taken on child traffickers.

The Family and Community Services (FACS) department of New South Wales released four reports about under aged forced marriages. Although the numbers reported were about 50 in 2016, 39 in 2015 and 26 in 2014, the actual numbers could be in hundreds say sources.

So what is the problem So what is the real problem although authorities are taking action? The issue is that the police is able to take action against known child traffickers and those involved in the child trade business. But the issues seems to be those who are failing to report the crime. It has been observed by the authorities that most of the people who are aware of these child brides just don’t report it.

Among particular communities The police has also reveled that child brides are high particularly among the Muslim communities in Australia. Especially children of unemployed and poor Muslim immigrants for victim to this practice. Several Muslim parents how are unable to provide for themselves and their children are reportedly selling their children. Authorities have also said that extra care and precaution is being taken to deal with this problem. They insisted that this should not be seen as action against any religious minority, but is purely to stop crime. Authorities are also keeping vigil and keeping a watch on these communities to prevent child brides.

Public requested join in the movement

erfahrung binären optionen The authorities have also asked the public in New South Wales and the whole of Australia to join the movement to prevent child trafficking and child brides. Watch out for any signals from children trying to ask you for help and keep vigil at all times. For more updates, follow us on Facebook


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