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James Comey testifies before US Congress on wire tapping issue

source url Comey testifies in front of Congress President Donald Trump recently announced that he had fired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Chief James Comey. He was into the post for four years before Trump brought an…

London Central Mosque exposed


Hidden Camera Video inside London Mosque reveals ideology behind terror attacks!

Dr Jordan Peterson rips apart the Marxist communist ideology

VIDEO: Former Harvard Professor RIPS APART Liberal Scum -You CANNOT MISS this!

go The dirty truth about Marxism There has been a lot of debate about what Marxism means to people around the world. Although the followers of Marxist Communism call themselves “liberal” and claim to accept people with…

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CNN anchor backtracks says students should be grateful for funding they receive

Dr Swamy interview on Islam and Sonia Gandhi

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6 years since he exposed the truth, but no development!

Never seen before video of Obama


Obama wants this video BANNED -BUT we have a copy!

Ex-Muslim woman warns America about Islam

Ex-Muslim woman has a terrifying warning for every American

Ex-Muslim speaks up Several right wing activists in America have been warning the citizens about Islam. Many people say that it is a incurable epidemic and Americans need to wake up right now and prevent…

Among the believers

Shocking video shows what really happens inside a Mosque!

This is just a trailer The trailer of an upcoming movie “Among the Believers” has sparked severe controversy in Pakistan. The Pakistan government took a decision to ban the trailer and the film throughout Pakistan….

Bob Wright exposes MSNBC


WATCH: Trump tweets VIRAL VIDEO, Schumer & Pelosi are crying after watching it!

Trump exposes every Democrat with a single video!

Bomb shell video posted by Trump After the firing of James Comey, several liberals and the whole American media took a big deviation from their old stances and accused Trump of running a dictatorship. Prior…