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VIDEO: Juan Williams calls Trump “racist”, until a real Native American turns up to SHUT HIM UP!


VIDEO: Joy Behar screams “Clinton won”, Meghan McCain SHUTS HER UP with BRUTAL RANT!

BREAKING: Sarah Sanders gives BRUTAL Christmas Present to Journo who called her pie “fake”!

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JUST IN: NFL silently makes $90 million deal – The biggest betrayal to USA (Worse than kneeling)

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Liberal Channel comes down on their kneels and begs for forgiveness after BRUTAL EXPOSE!

EPIC: These 9 celebrities went into a COMPLETE MELTDOWN after the Tax Bill was passed!

It is well known that several Hollywood celebrities have been outspoken against President Donald Trump and his tax reforms. As soon as the Senate passed the Bill on early Saturday morning, several Hollywood celebrities lost…

JUST IN: Major arrest in Kate Steinle murder case after Trump “unseals” Obama’s hidden doc!

After a California Jury pronounced Jose Ines Garcia Zarate “not guilty” in the Kate Steinle murder case, the White House has decided to intervene and make sure that justice is served. Garcia, also known as…

VIDEO: Sarah Sander’s father SHREDS APART Liberal Reporter- She will never forget this!

The Democrats have run out of serious topics to take down Republican President Donald Trump, so they ran the extra mile to give birth to ridiculous fake controversies. This happened when the American Urban Radio Networks…

Mike Flynn

BREAKING: Flynn pleads guilty, makes STARTLING CONFESSION in Court – This is what he said!

President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor  today pleaded “guilty” in the Russian elections hacking probe, and admitted that he had meetings with Russia’s Ambassador. He pleaded guilty to a single count of “lying to…

Journo calls Sarah Sanders “Redneck Motherf**er” – Trump Supporters give an amazing response!

We generally do not publish articles with obscene language, but now, its time for all Americans to see the insane behavior of a few liberal Trump haters who have crossed all limits of decency. Wonkette…