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Leakers Wiretapping Entitled Muslims Trump's immigration policy BREAKING NEWS: American forces BOMBARD Syria with multiple missiles!

BREAKING NEWS: American forces BOMBARD Syria with multiple missiles!

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VIDEO: 2 CBS journos try to insult Ivanka Trump -Just watch what happened next!

watch Ivanka Trump teaches CBS a lesson Everybody knows quite well about how the American media has consistently been trying to run a hate campaign against President Donald Trump. They have made frivolous articles, fake newscasts,…

Muslim student

VIDEO: Muslim student tells she wants to kill her prof -What happens next is amazing!

go Muslim student exposes herself! A Muslim student stands up to ask a question in the University of California San Diego  conference. The Muslim student starts of by saying it is nice to have two sets of views going…

obama video

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Obama wants this video BANNED -BUT we have a copy!

Michigan Muslims Dearborn

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SHOCKING VIDEO: This is what Michigan Muslims are doing to Christians -Wake up! Michigan Muslims exposed! The liberals in America has forever defended the actions of immigrants by saying they are very “peaceful” people. All their arguments are blown apart after this video about Michigan Muslims got viral….

Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks face huge setback after Mark Cuban’s nonsense about Trump

watch Mavericks owner Mark Cuban faces the heat Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks is a very well known anti-Trump liberal douche bag. Apart from his usual rant about Trump, Cuban recently also said…

Mike Flynn

“I will testify if you give me immunity,” says Mike Flynn on Russia hacking

Ready to expose all says Mike Flynn Washington, USA: Former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is reportedly in discussions with the Senate intelligence committee on the Russian election hacking case. He has said that he…

Devin Nunes

Intel Chairman Nunes makes SHOCKING announcement -Democrats want to die after reading this!

Nunes drops the bombshell Democrat members in the Senate demanded the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA) step down. But Nunes just made an announcement which will come as the biggest…

Maryland high school rapist

SHOCKING: Father of Maryland high school rapist is an illegal immigrant!

Father of Maryland high school rapist arrested Sources in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today told us that the father of the 10 year old Maryland high school rapist has been arrested for…

LIVE POLL: Do you think term limits should be imposed by Donald Trump?

LIVE POLL: Do you think term limits should be imposed by Donald Trump?

Term limits: During his run for presidency, Donald Trump announced several times that he supports term limits. Thus began the the question whether should term limits be imposed by Donald Trump. So what do you mean…