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Xi Jinping makes "urgent" call to Donald Trump

Guess who is behind the “Trump impeachment” drama? – Liberals are just puppets of these 3 guys!

go here Several exposes have shown the involvement of billionaire investor and well known Liberal George Soros in the Democrats’ efforts to pass a motion to impeach President Donald Trump. The motion which was proposed in the…

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BREAKING: Trump TEARS APART Sanders in the most epic way – You cannot miss this!

go There are two main reasons why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Elections. Number one was the united Republican vote, and the second was the division in the liberal votes. While some liberals supported Hillary…

JUST IN: Philly Govt takes the most idiotic decision in history – Should they be sent to an asylum?

tastyli/ Philadelphia is announced a new bill in its attempt to crack down on drug sales, public urination and loitering — but it has triggered massive backlash from small businesses. Philadelphia’s Public Health and Human Services…

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MUST SHARE: Heroic Teacher narrates how she saved several children from yesterday’s Shooting

BREAKING: Trump takes “final decision” regarding ISIS – Best news since he became President!

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BREAKING: Matt Lauer places ridiculous New demand – This will make your blood boil!

Clinton rape victim gives AMAZING solution to Trump – Time to implement it?

A woman who was victim of Bill Clinton’s infamous sexual harassment scandals has finally spoken up, delivering a massive blow to the former American President. She requested President Donald Trump to pass an executive order…

JUST IN: Al Franken steps down – This VIDEO of him quitting will make your day!

In a breaking story coming from Washington D.C., our sources have confirmed that Democratic Senator from Minnesota Alan Stuart “Al” Franken will be stepping down from his position after over 6 women accused him of…

BREAKING NEWS: One more massive shooting coming in America – Shocking details inside!

Note: 1. The below news post may contain certain graphic narrations which may be disturbing for certain viewers. 2. This is a developing story and is constantly being updated. Once again, a shocking shooting incident has…

Xi Jinping makes "urgent" call to Donald Trump

BREAKING: United Nations left with nowhere to go after unexpected midnight decision by Trump!

Ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States, he made it very clear to the United Nations that he would not tolerate their pro-immigrant policies. In an unexpected midnight decision by Trump…