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Here the wife of Late MAJOR SHAFEEQ GAURI is telling their beautiful story

Babur and his Gay Lover

SHOCKING: The DARKEST SECRET of Mughal King Babur which no one wants you to know!

opzioni binarie fanno guadagnare Babri Masjid was built for a Homosexual by a Homosexual! Here are some unbelievable shocking facts about  Babur from Baburnama. Tuzuk-i-Baburi or Baburnama has been praised for its eloquence by First Prime Minister of India…

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REVEALED: 5 easiest ways to grow website traffic

Tastylia tadalafil 20 mg Grow website traffic! Every amateur who starts a website faces several problems. Starting from narrowing down on a name for your website, to designing it, the toughest part remains actually getting people to come to…


“LOVE JIHAD”: The BIGGEST MUSLIM CONSPIRACY Westerns know nothing about!

CONGRATS: halal Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, except in Australia!

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FINALLY EXPOSED: The real truth about “halal” which no one wants you to know!

source From many years several activists in several countries have risen up against “Halal”. Be it Australia or America or India, all the countries face a common problem from this. Several reports have shown how it is…