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VIDEO: Dear Trump, you need to see what Chinese Cops did to Muslim terrorists who attacked them!

go site In several countries in the Western world, it is growing trend that the local law enforcement and police are not dealing too efficiently with terrorists, mainly because of their higher ups who give into appeasement…

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After Sushma Swaraj thrashes China,its Army warned for war

click here Sushma Swaraj thrashed China by clearing India’s stand on China! Sushma Swaraj told the Rajya Sabha on Thursday that “already China had violated the 2012 agreement and unilaterally changed the status quo at tri-junction, India…

China, Russia and India

Pentagon confirms that India’s “worst fear” has come alive!

China loved Modi’s speech In 40 yr no single bullet fired at Indo-Sino border China has appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s speech in Russia! Chinese spokesperson Hua appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in which the Prime Minister said that No single bullets have been fired at Sino-India border…

Russian President Vladimir Putin

BREAKING: Putin TEARS APART Pakistan, what he just said is giving them nightmares!

China shivering

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BREAKING: China issues fresh statement on Kashmir -BIGGEST MODI MASTER STROKE!

wien menschen kennenlernen Modi’s biggest master stroke till date! After several efforts by China to interfere in India’a affairs with Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomatic pressure seems to have finally worked! They have finally officially announced that they…

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China slaps North Korea with new announcement

China slaps North Korea! Amid high tensions in the South China sea with regard to the fast approaching US Navy destroyer USS Carl Vinson and China’s uncertain stand on America’s aggression, this move of China…

Chinese Islamist problem

You may hate China, but this is how they dealt with their Islamist problem & never faced an issue again

China’s Islamist problem Like several countries in the world, China was one of the first to face problem from extremist Muslims. When you compare them with other countries now, one will remain shocked. The rate…