BREAKING: Putin TEARS APART Pakistan, what he just said is giving them nightmares!

Russian President Vladimir PutinRussian President Vladimir Putin

Tight slap to Pakistan

trading binary international com There was much skepticism about the recent development where Russian forces carried out several military drills with the Pakistan Army. Several defense analysts around the world said that this move came as a big slap to India and could have international consequences, which could prove bad for India.

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threatening dating site murderer However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has set aside all these speculations in his latest interview to the Press Trust of India. PTI took this interview just before Indian Prime Minister’s scheduled meeting with Putin. Modi is set to meet the Russian President tonight to discuss several common issues including defense.

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Putin speaks on India Putin said that Russia does not have “any tight military relationship” with Pakistan and the exercise was just a part of routine drills. Further he said that there is no other country in the world like India which has deeply cooperated with Russia in several important areas such as military exchanges and nuclear missile technologies.

click here “Our relations with Pakistan will not affect the relation between India and Russia,” he said in Russian. He expressed his willingness to share high end defense technologies with India and said that we have a relationship based on longstanding trust.

His remarks on the Kashmir issue

First binary option service review signal When questioned about the Kashmir issue and the role of Pakistan in adding fuel to the fire and creating an unrest in the valley, he simply said that Russia will support every move of India to fight terrorism. He said that India is one of their closest friends and he not only understands India’s problems, but also supports India.

binäre optionen vorhersagen These statements surely come as a big blow to Pakistan and China. Both these countries have been taking maximum efforts to create a rift between India and Russia. This is mainly because India and Russia are working on a “super road”, which would connect Russia and India right to the middle of Europe, giving access to a huge market and boost to both economies.


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