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source link Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, the former Vice President of the United States of America seems to have lost his mental stability. Yes, you read that right. In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Biden claimed that Trump supporters love him more than Trump himself. Well, this can only be the possible answer to his unrealistic claims after a thumping defeat in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

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citas de internet normas apa Joe Biden now seems to be interested in running for President himself and is already angry that the Democratic Party chose project Hillary Clinton over him in 2016. Making these tall claims, Biden said that the people of the Rust Belt would completely turn around and vote for him if he he contested. “The critics will say you’re too old — you’re going to be 77 in 2020 — you wouldn’t have any new ideas, you’ve already run twice and lost, you’d to have to promise it would be one term only, and that the blue-collar Rust-Belters that you need to get elected already love Donald Trump. How can you overcome all that,” Kelley asked him in the interview.

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online dating upington “They love me more. But the first part’s correct. Well, I’m not sure I can overcome the front end, but I understand the Rust Belt. Donald Trump has no notion what those people are going through. If you take a look — and its not a criticism, it’s an observation — ’cause look, but for 77,000 votes, this would be a different race now. Common, let’s take a look at this, and, you know, they call me ‘middle class Joe.’ It’s not meant as a compliment in Washington, it means I’m not sophisticated. But I understand. I understand what built this country, and I just –—the only thing I know I know is the middle class, their hopes, their aspirations, because it’s where I come from, it’s what I am,” Biden replied, completely forgetting the embarrassing defeat his party faced in 2016.

follow Looking at his statement and the striking similarity with Hillary Clinton and the Fake News Media’s polls about her “projected victory”, it is quite easy to figure out that Joe Biden is simply pitching for his 2020 Presidential Campaign. Watch the video interview below. 



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