A Bengaluru commissioner warned Anti-Hindi groups as he is a Hindu first

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After the increasing demands of promoting Kannada, commissioner warned people!

cadeau rencontre 6 ans As the demands for promoting Kannada in state in a way of promoting their local language, Bengaluru police commissioner Praveen Sood has strictly warned pro-Kannada activists that they should not even try to violate the law by opposing use of Hindi on signboards in the city at any of the cost because Hindi is the core language and a way of inspiration of Hindus.

single frauen garbsen He said in his statement that “Importance to Kannada should be given, as it is the official or state language but protests against the use of Hindi on signboards in the city should be peaceful and not violent,” Sood said.

His warning aroused the days after Kannada supporting organisations threw the Hindi signboards on road!

go The warnings of the commissioner came just days after the organisations like Kannada Protection Forum dispatched and thrown the Hindi signboards attached in the railway counters , offices and the street shops in the city and warning the people not to use again the Hindi signboards.

source link Keeping in mind that pro-Kannada cultural and social organisations had the right to promote the native language and encourage others to learn it, Sood said legal action would be taken against anyone violating the law and order or causing damage to private or public property and would definitely tolerate these Anti Hindu protests.

FIR has been launched and commissioner said he won’t spare them at any cost for promoting Anti Hindu activities or protests!

see url The commissioner said that “I supporting Kannada. Karnataka is my karmabhoomi(place of action) though not my janmabhoomi (birth place). I support the cause, but the protest against any other language especially Hindi which is connected with Hindus spiritually should be within the legal framework,” he said.

site de rencontre en nouvelle caledonie gratuit The city police also booked cases against 36 KRV activists and arrested about 20 of them under Section 153 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for blackening Hindi sign boards at the metro stations on Thursday.



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