BREAKING NEWS: One more massive shooting coming in America – Shocking details inside!

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Tastylia for sale Note: 1. The below news post may contain certain graphic narrations which may be disturbing for certain viewers. 2. This is a developing story and is constantly being updated.

source link Once again, a shocking shooting incident has rocked the United States of America. Police in Aztec, New Mexico issued a red alert to all schools and other public places in the neighborhood after reports surfaced that there is an active shooter in a high school in Aztec. Worried parents gather before the school The parents of the students at Aztec High School were alerted about the incident, and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook confirming that it is now safe for parents to come and pick up their children from school. However, a few nearby schools are still under lock down.

see As soon as the reports surfaced, the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office quickly evacuated the Aztec High School at around 9.00 A.M., and took all children to McGee Park between Farmington and Bloomfield.

enter site Google maps location of Aztec High School The police asked parents to pick up their children from this location, and asked parents to carry a valid ID to pick up their children. Several parents are currently gathered outside the City Hall awaiting more information about the incident. Details of the dead and injured Sources who are aware of the happenings confirmed that 3 students were shot dead, and 15 others were injured by the shooter. A few people are critically injured while over 10 people escaped with small injuries. The Navajo Nation Office of the President and the Vice President confirmed the same.

Satellite image of Aztec High School

Aztec is located in San Juan County and is a three hour drive from Albuquerque. Authorities from the nearby town of Farmington assisted local authorities to secure the area and evacuate children, a ground reporter told us.

Details of the shooter

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, the Aztec Police Chief Mike Heal and Aztec Mayor Sally Burbridge confirmed that they had shot dead the shooter. They however did not release any information about his identity of the shooter or the dead, and it remains unclear whether the shooter was a student or a visitor.

While a few democrats as usual continued to criticize the Trump admin for their stand on allowing people to freely own guns in the United States, many of them seem to be forgetting one plan and simple fact – without guns, the police would not have been able to shoot down the killer.

This once again proves how the problem is not with free gun rights, but with gun owners who are largely misusing their weapons, meant for a completely different purpose! We stand with the people of Aztec during this time of pain and grief. May God be with you.